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For The Birds!

I remind my children to keep their eyes open for all sorts of treasures in the Spring…especially in the bird department!  Nest building, egg laying, bird babies, you name it… all happens in the Spring! We sing ‘lots of bird songs to commemorate the season.  My very favorite of all bird songs is Bluebird Through …

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Ol’ Mister Rabbit

Ol’ Mister Rabbit is a long time folk favorite and can be found in many versions.   I’m sharing my version of the singing game taught by Mary Neely Stevens of the Kodaly Institute of Houston 2012.  A great way to prepare low la, Ol’ Mister Rabbit also provides a wonderful opportunity for simple Orff accompaniment and improvisation.My daughter, Victoria, a 2nd …

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Spring Has Sprung!

I love this time of year!  The longer, warmer days….life popping out everywhere….it is exciting! Here are a few YouTube videos I’ve been using this week to celebrate the season! This precious little video that captures the joy of using song to express the exuberance of spring.  Enjoy! This is a movie I made from …

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