Monthly Archives: May, 2013

Need an extra set of hands or two?

If you teach music, you know that there are plenty of times when you could use an extra set of hands or two….or three….or four…..right? I built these several years ago and I use them in, oh, so many ways……. such as reading or ostinati…… center management…. really-etc, etc, etc! They are made of 3″ PVC …

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Rhythm Mini Cards

I use these little two-sided Rhythm Mini Cards with K-2 in a variety of ways……dictation, decoding, composing, etc.   Students are always excited about dry erase markers and are really interested in the smooth glass marbles and the tiny size of the card. Last week, I bagged them (use a slider bag if you want  younger students to be …

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Orff-anizer, anyone?

OK, Orff bars were driving me crazy! Dealing with the bone piles of not-in-use bars (I like to take them completely off)……struggling with several quick reconfigurations a day…..matching bars to instruments quickly…..HELP! So, being the problem solving gizmo that I am, I began to design some kind of holder that I could carry around as …

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