For The Birds!

I remind my children to keep their eyes open for all sorts of treasures in the Spring…especially in the bird department!  Nest building, egg laying, bird babies, you name it… all happens in the Spring!

We sing ‘lots of bird songs to commemorate the season.  My very favorite of all bird songs is Bluebird Through My Window!  Here’s a so-so video of one of my classes singing and playing the song game.


The end of class came and I didn’t have time to include the great wind-up ending!  Very fun!

This song is great because the children love it and because you can change the words to fit other seasons.  I love to use the Redbird (Winter) version and the Valentine version.  Such a sweet song and a truly useful vocal development tool as you sing the long “Oh” at the end and as you use clear, crisp diction.

I learned I Wish I Was A Little Bird last summer from Rhona Brink at Kodaly Institute of Houston.

I Wish I Were A Little Bird-1

The sweet, haunting melody is great for Kindergarten and 1st grade……drama…..learning to control the voice.  It is an octave leap song, so be sure to sing it tentatively, giving the children’s voices time to settle on the pitches.  The spoken line at the end is a great place to assess the children for expression and for open tone.  I created a flipchart which contains a drag to copy bird.  I had the children take turns coming to the Promethean board to drag a bluebird into the tree as they solo spoke the last line.  As the tree began to fill with little birds, the children could not suppress the smiles and giggles that erupted.

little bird

little bird 2

I haven’t figured out how to share a flipchart via WordPress but if you’ll email me, I’ll send you a copy.



  1. suzi

    Great site deborah..just found it via our media specialist..:) Thanks for the ideas and your open heart to share!

    • Woo-hoo! Spread the word!!! I hope to started adding more posts very soon! And……be sure to visit my Pinterest site, WeTeachMusic! Yay!

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