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I am an elementary music specialist from Texas who delights in sharing my love for music!  I bring to the journey over 30 years of all-level music education, both in public school and in private studio.  We are a musical family!  My husband was a professional violist and a high school orchestra director before his unbelievable passing last year.  We have two beautiful daughters and an amazing son-in-law.  I love this picture from my daughter’s wedding!
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Having earned two degrees in both vocal performance and music education, I love teaching children how to sing.  I teach at a K-4th elementary campus with my wonderful teaching partner, JoAnn Burke, who is a professional oboist as well as an incredible teacher.   She brings wonderful instrumental expertise to our students.

So incredibly fortunate to teach our students every other day for 50 minutes,  we count teaching music at our school a definite blessing!    Our supportive administration and staff make teaching a joy!

I am the curator for the fantastic Pinterest site for elementary music specialists, We Teach Music.


  1. Oscar Bacca

    Dear Deborah:

    My name is Oscar Bacca Im from Monterrey, Mexico Im am 24 years. I currently live in Monterrey. My father was a janitor at Frienswood city hall. I attended Park View Int. and I was the last generation of the years that Mr. Oakes spent there. I still remember that moment afert the UIL contest (wich we won by the way. I was concertino and we played “nobodies gig” I of course played the solo part) He told us that he was going to another school. My god I was devastated. That Very same year my family moved back to Mexico. When I came to Monterrey I was desperate to find a school with a music program but mexico is… well, mexico.

    Having to change contries again! was a real hit for me, so I refuged in music. I have been playing violin since. I found a great music school with a eurpean violin teacher and joined the state’s youth orchestra, Im now an Architect with a masters in Education.I teach music at a private school and run a 120 student orchestra program. I can not get away from teaching music.

    There isnt a day that passes that I dont remember Mr.Oakes. I Remember your daughter Victoria she is a year older than I am I think we played together. My life has been a real journey with many stories. I just found out about Mr. Oaks.

    I guess I just want to know how much i loved and admired My Mr. Oakes. Now, every day
    i get to BE Mr. OAKES! make a change in my students lifes, the very same way your husband did in mine. Im still in shock I did not know of his passing. I haven’t been in Houston in a decade or so. I wanted to see him. Talk to him. Ask him for advice. He used to call me “chewie” or “chewbacca” hhaha He taught how to do vibrato. His vibrato was amazing.

    Please know the importance of Mr. Oakes in my life.

    I wish you the very best and blessing to you and your family.

    Oscar Bacca

    • Oscar!!!! What beautiful words!!!! Thank you so much! This is going to be a difficult week….your note was perfect for this time!!! Stan was truly an amazing person and an amazing teacher. His memory will live on for a long time. God bless you!

  2. Rhonda Chalone

    I pinned your idea on the dance/singing games ring and index card file. By any chance do you have this as a file already that you would be willing to share?


    • Watch for a post a list of titles and sources when I get back to school! Thank you for reading my blog! Yayyyyyyy!

    • Send me your email and I will send the PDF.

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