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A Round a Day!

When our students are really enjoying a song or activity, we often have an impromptu performance at the end of class and pull their homeroom teacher or even the principal in to watch and listen! Wow! I wish you could have come to the end of our 4th grade class yesterday to hear them sing …

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“”Come into my parlor!” said the spider to the fly!” Many of the littles in Kindergarten struggle with bravery at this time of the year as even the first peal of shivery music of the season can send them over the edge!  Since I want music to be FUN and not TERRIFYING, I begin our Silly Scary unit with familiar …

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A Little Mice Scarin’

I love this time of year in my classroom because it signals the beginning of a delightful string of holidays:  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!  The music of Halloween is especially fun….the interesting melodies and shivery themes provide wonderful opportunities to explore and experience music in delightful new ways and to develop the young voice. My version of Up, Down, All …

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