I would love to bring one of my workshops to your area.

EVERYONE CAN SING!  Ever wonder how to go about developing the singing voice of your elementary music students?  This presentation explores tried and true methodology learned from thirty plus years of all-level vocal instruction to this workshop. Mrs. Oakes will outline age-appropriate vocal pedagogy and introduce methods and song literature for increasing student vocal strength, expression, interest and participation in the elementary music classroom. A detailed bibliography of suggested song literature to support concepts will be provided in the hand-out. (3 or 6 hour session)


TA-DA!  This session will explore the development of creative artistry in young children.   The presenter, sharing expertise from thirty plus years of all-level music instruction, will provide exciting, “lesson ready” methodology and materials guaranteed to interest and delight your students as they learn to be expressive, lyric music makers. (3 or 6 hour session)


SING YOUR OWN PART!  Methodologies and strategies to help young singers grow into competent part singers through the development of vocal strength and independence.  Classroom song literature included in the session hand-out. (3 or 6 hour session)


OCTOBER FUN!  Explore a fantastic collection of songs, games and activities for all things Fall, including silly scary songs!  Mrs. Oakes will share strategies for using these materials for concentrated vocal and rhythmic development and for encouraging the growth of individual performance.   (3 hour session)


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