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Red, White and Blue and Movie Maker, too!

Several years ago, I realized that our students were not spending enough time singing/learning patriotic song literature.  In elementary music instruction, we have SO many areas to address and for me, this area had gotten lost in the shuffle.  So…JoAnn and I sat down and compiled a list of the songs we wanted them to …

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Cable Kit Delight

Whew!!!  Another Christmas concert done and in the record book! Isn’t it just a whirlwind, getting everything ready the day of the concert?  Programs printed and folded…..risers set in place……sound system…..OH, WAIT…..the sound system!  Let me think…..“Which cables do I need and how do we connect it all?”  “Now, where was that cable?”  Of course, we …

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Technology Makes the World Go ‘Round!

I love music!  I love teaching music!  And, here it is…….I love all the glorious technology that makes teaching music easier! Trust me, I know what it is like to move from a being a non-techno teacher who didn’t know anything about e-mail, typing, computers, internet….ANYTHING….. until about ten years ago when my principal….yes, that’s right, …

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