Cable Kit Delight

Whew!!!  Another Christmas concert done and in the record book! Isn’t it just a whirlwind, getting everything ready the day of the concert?  Programs printed and folded…..risers set in place……sound system…..OH, WAIT…..the sound system!  Let me think…..“Which cables do I need and how do we connect it all?”  “Now, where was that cable?” 

Of course, we always figured it out, but, talk about a terrific waste of time and energy on a day that had none to spare!  So, several years ago, inspired by my dislike of chaos and powered by my penchant for problem solving, I created a handy dandy audio/video cable kit.


I bought a zippered nylon bag (10″ x 14″ x 3″) and a pack of velcro cable ties.  After collecting and labelling all the cables we use or could need, I folded and arranged them in the bag, marking each spot with a Sharpie.  Then, after removing all the cables, I sewed a cable tie on each mark in the bag and carefully re-folded and velcroed in each cable.  I enclosed several documents:  a reference chart of all the cables (including their kit number and description) and a set-up diagram for each audio/video configuration we use.  (click here to see pdf of our chart and diagram)


Voila!  No more angst over this part of concert set up!  And….BONUS…..I didn’t realize how much we would use it in daily music teacher life!  GRAB-N-GO, Baby!

Let me tell you, this idea is a WINNER and well worth the thought and effort required to assemble the kit!  🙂

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