A Little Mice Scarin’

I love this time of year in my classroom because it signals the beginning of a delightful string of holidays:  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!  The music of Halloween is especially fun….the interesting melodies and shivery themes provide wonderful opportunities to explore and experience music in delightful new ways and to develop the young voice.

My version of Up, Down, All Through the Town! works really well for K-2 and includes an Orff arrangement and chase game.  Click here for the complete PDF.


Because so many families in our school do not celebrate Halloween, we do not use the term Halloween, opting instead to call this body of songs and activities Silly, Scary Things.  I would like to share two traditional Halloween tunes/verses that I have modified so that they work beautifully with no mention of witches or such.

This little song/activity is my version of One Little Skeleton.

 This Is Fall

Be sure to take ‘lots of time to carefully pronounce each word and to sing gently and in tune the interesting pitches.  The Whoooo in this song provides great opportunity to use beautiful tone.  In fact, I use this song as an anchor song through the year when I need to remind students of singing with beautiful tone.  It works like a charm!  Click here for the complete PDF.

Next, we have my version of Stirring My Brew.


If you’ll use a shivery, open tone and relax the tempo of the phrases, you’ll find that this is a fabulous vocal development piece, especially the Oooh’s!   Children love the suspense of this verse, especially if you hold the fermata a loooong time before saying, “Boo!”  Another use of this piece is to experiment with tempo to practice slow and fast.  And, don’t forget the added fun of allowing students to lead the verse.  Click here for complete PDF.

Now, get out there and scare some mice!


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