Triangle Stress Quick Fix!

Yes, triangles are a true ringer when it comes to an instrument children love to play;  however, I’m certain you have experienced triangle stress when those wily little shapes of steel turn and twist as children are attempting to catch an edge to strike. And, let’s just talk about how easily they slip off the holder when passed around.  Eek!!!!!

Well……have I got a tip for you that YOU WILL LOVE!

This summer, my daughter and I completed Orff I under specialist Deborah Imiolo,  who is also an Eastman School of Music trained percussionist.  What an inspiration……she is terrific!  Let me tell you, after she shared this idea, I rushed to Lowe’s Home Improvement Center, bought the supplies and in a flash, I built five PERFECT, cheap triangle holders.


You will need a 2 1/2″ piece of string trimmer line, a wooden knob for each holder, small wire cutters and needle nosed pliers.  In addition, you will need a strong permanent glue.  I keep a tube of E6000 at home and school.  It actually holds better than super glue but is not an instant dry.  Permanent, baby!


Really, all you do is push a generous amount of glue into the hole of the knob (I used a toothpick).  Use the wire cutters to cut a slight, slanted trim on both ends of the piece of line so that it will squeeze into the hole more easily.  Insert one end of the line into the knob hole and then use the pliers to force the other end as far as can.  Really twist and push the line into the hole for a tight fit.  Wipe of the excess glue around the hole if you wish.

Allow the holder to dry for 24 hours before use.


PERFECT!!!  No more “Eek!”


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