Rhythm Mini Cards


I use these little two-sided Rhythm Mini Cards with K-2 in a variety of ways……dictation, decoding, composing, etc.   Students are always excited about dry erase markers and are really interested in the smooth glass marbles and the tiny size of the card.

Last week, I bagged them (use a slider bag if you want  younger students to be able to close it) with a dry erase marker (Expo is the easiest to erase), a mini eraser (love the ones from The Markerboard People) and floral marbles from Walmart or Michael’s.


Trust me, you will save yourself some trouble by allowing the students a free draw/write before you get down to business.  They love to write their name and you can get the lesson started by having them decode their name.

We are always pushing ahead on decoding words, claps, etc. so depending on the age and skill level of the class, we use the marbles or writing or both as we move ahead.

Try them, you’ll like them!


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