Orff-anizer, anyone?

OK, Orff bars were driving me crazy!

Dealing with the bone piles of not-in-use bars (I like to take them completely off)……struggling with several quick reconfigurations a day…..matching bars to instruments quickly…..HELP!

So, being the problem solving gizmo that I am, I began to design some kind of holder that I could carry around as I moved bars off and on. I remembered the kitchen utensil holders I had seen at IKEA and knew that if I could figure out how to connect them and add a handle, I would be in business. After purchasing the cans, I headed to Home Depot to find materials that would complete my project. $30 dollars and very little effort later, I had a design (Orff-anizer Project Plans) which I have used for several years with great success.


I marked the bar ends per instrument (I know…….don’t have a heart attack!)


and use these markings to identify can and instrument.


I just pick it up, walk down the row of instruments, reconfiguring the bars to my heart’s delight!



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