The Muffin Man

Here’s a fun little game I made up several years ago for Do You Know the Muffin Man.  It is a great way to end class when you have a few extra minutes.

Do You Know the Muffin Man-1

I made my wee 1-1/2″ Muffin Man from a Kid Counter I bought at Lakeshore but of course, you can use any little Muffin Man you wish.


GAME INSTRUCTIONS:  Choose a child to be IT.  The teacher tells IT the general area where the Muffin Man will be hidden.  IT then sits on a chair in front of the classroom, facing away from the class and with eyes closed while class sings first verse and the teacher hides the Muffin Man.  On the second verse, IT jumps up and rushes to find the Muffin Man before the end of the verse.  If IT finds the man, he gets another turn.  If he fails to find the man, another student is chosen to be IT and game begins again.  Be sure to sing the song slowly to provide as much time as possible to hide and hunt.  Be very crafty and creative when hiding the Muffin Man and make sure that part of him is visible to the hunter.  You’ll be surprised how difficult it is for children to see him even though he is in plain sight.  Remind the children to withhold hints and call-outs during the search and be prepared for ‘lots of giggles!

On the chalk rail…..


in the tissue box…….


in a basket……


in the marker drawer…….


on top of a shelf……..




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