Technology Makes the World Go ‘Round!

I love music!  I love teaching music!  And, here it is…….I love all the glorious technology that makes teaching music easier!

Trust me, I know what it is like to move from a being a non-techno teacher who didn’t know anything about e-mail, typing, computers, internet….ANYTHING….. until about ten years ago when my principal….yes, that’s right, my principal….came into my room at the beginning of the year with a brand new computer and told me that I was to get busy!  So……I jumped in and have NEVER looked back!  I am fearless when it comes to technology and I want you to be as well because well-placed technology will change your teaching and your preparation!


I want to share several techno-tips that will make your job easier.  I promise!


Audacity is a free audio editing software program that I use several times a week to rearrange audio tracks, process homemade audio tracks, adjust tempo or pitch, etc. etc. etc!    It is incredible!  Here is a handy dandy link to a user’s manual, as well.



MuseScore is a another free program that I use many times a week to notate songs for blogging, workshop handouts, etc.  It is truly very simple to use.  Here is a link to the user’s manual.  There are also many, many instructional YouTube videos for just about every situation you can imagine!

musisync font

This is my newest acquisition and boy, is it easy and helpful!  MusiSync is a free font that allows you to type lines of rhythmic notation, say for a worksheet or assessment, with the spacing you desire instead of default spacing.  Although, it can be downloaded from many font sites,  I included the link from FontSpace.  The available character map is very difficult to read, so I created a MusiSync Character Map that makes it much easier.

Now…..jump in…..get busy…..BE FEARLESS!




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  1. Good information. Lucky me I recently found your
    site by chance (stumbleupon). I have book-marked it for later!

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