Shamrocks For Luck!

Top of the mornin’ to ye!  Don’t pinch me…I’m not Irish….but I do have some lucky four leaf clovers for you.

Shamrocks For Luck– This little St. Paddy version of Are You Sleeping comes from my wonderful professor, Dr. William T. Young, at Stephen F. Austin State University.Shamrocks For Luck-1It can be performed as a round or as a simple song with one or more of these vocal ostinati parts.

Shamrocks For Luck  Ostinati-1

And, hey, try this little orffestration with it, as well.

Shamrocks For Luck Orffestration-1Several months ago, I ran across this wee Leprechaun song on YouTube.  Using the familiar verse John, the Leprechaun, Kristin Neufeld Epp (New Creation Playschool) added darling text and a sweet melody.

lep 2

Isn’t it adorable?

So, I notated it for you.  Get out your ukulele and enjoy!

Tom, Tom, the Leprechaun-1

And, may all your rainbows lead to the perfect treasure for you!


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