Boot Scootin’

Listen here…… I’m a real fan of square dancing!  You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t (and shouldn’t) take the country out of the girl!  And, even though it sometimes feels like wrangling cows, I love teaching square dancing to my students who, not surprisingly, end up loving it as much as I do!

Here are a few of my fancy tricks.  First, you need really great square dancin’ music.  I look for recordings of quality song material, authentic instrumentation and simple calls.  We use ‘lots of old favorites; however, I want to share some newer recordings with you.  I have indicated my favorites on each.

sq dancing made easy

(Purchase on Amazon)

Old Dan Tucker  (You can do this dance in a square or a circle.)

Yee-Ha!  (This dance can also be done in double circles, moving in opposite directions.)

(Click here for my Dance Instructions)

Get Ready

(Purchase on Amazon)

Honor Your Partner!  (Great square dance starter for Kinder.)

Allemande Left/Right and Star (Perfect square dance of medium difficulty  for 2,3,and 4.)

Several years ago, I had this idea for organizing young whippersnappers into squares and it really works!  We use this Foot Square for discussion about partners, corners, etc.  Then, I choose a square of eight students by assigning 1,3,5,7 to four boys and 2,4,6,8 to four girls.   I tell them to go stand in front of their number.  When they are in place, I ask them to take two mini steps back and, “Ya-hoo!” they are in a square.  I tell them to line up their “shoes in the closet” to help them to understand that their feet should be lined up beside their partners every time they are at HOME.

 Square ED

I glued the lettering (Foot Square Lettering) on 22” x 22” poster board and laminated it.

And how about this teacher saving idea?


This ring of cards has instructions, sources, grade levels for all the western dances I use.   It is small, portable and oh, so handy!

I’m always looking for new tricks, so feel free to share your favorites with me!

Happy trails and thank you, folks, for kindly droppin’ by!



  1. I’m enjoying exploring your bog! I do an all-dance and movement program with my 5th graders. Do you happen to have “Dip and Dive” square dance? If so, would you point me in the direction of your resources? I also love the clip- idea. Genius! I think I’ll have to do that for my program to keep all the directions in one place!

  2. Deborah, I did a bunch of dance with my co-op during student teaching and LOVED your card ring idea. I was wondering if you’d mind sharing with a first year K-5 teacher. 🙂

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