Happy Valentine’s Day!

Howdy from Texas and welcome to my very first blog post; from my classroom to yours!

I am excited to share what we have been working on.  Valentine’s Day is a favorite of mine….I LOVE everything about it especially the opportunity to develop the concept of friendship and loving each other.   After all, what the world needs now is love, sweet love, right?

My older students are enjoying a song packet full of heart songs I’ve collected over the years and the younger students are singing and dancing their little HEARTS away in all sorts of songs and activities.  I’m sharing two of our favorites.

I Made A Valentine-ED

This simple, sweet songlet, learned many years ago from my wonderful professor and mentor, Dr. William T. Young, is a melody that children love and provides a wonderful opportunity to build young voices in tone and in tuning.  Enjoy!  (The old McMillan McGraw-Hill textbook series, Share The Music, Grade 1, has the sweetest recording!)

Won't you Be my Valentine-ED

This game song can be used in different ways.  Students sing in a standing circle while I walk around and place a heart, face down, on their outstretched hand.


When everyone has a heart, I finish the song and gently call “GO.”  K and 1st scramble to find the person who has their matching heart.  Facing the new-found partner, we sing the song once again.  I collect the hearts, everyone returns to the circle, and the game begins again.  2nd graders find their match, walk to a writing station, and work together to decode the rhythm of the words on their hearts.


After writing the rhythm syllables on the back, each partnership shares their rhythm with the class.  The notation is erased, I collect the hearts, everyone returns to the circle, and the game begins again.  On the last round, I extend the learning by directing partners to come up with another heart phrase that would match their rhythm.

Click here for the heart template: Won’t You Be My Valentine Template.  I copied mine on pastel tag and laminated them.  You can use each heart set multiple times by changing the color.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Debbi K. Oakes



  1. g

    Love it!

  2. Pat Wright

    Glad you took the plunge! Can’t wait to see what follows!

  3. Cathy G

    Good to see you sharing with all! You go girl!!!


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